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Mold Remediation Testimonials

I really felt compelled to write this review for the folks over at SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park.  Everyone has been amazing to work with. I live in Silverlake and had flooding at my apartment and mold. Everyone there, from Bert, to Caesar who was in charge of the packout, Jessica and Julie inside the office, and Marlon who help bring everything back were amazing and understanding. Kudos to Bert and the crew!  Hopefully won't have to use them again but if i do, I won't hesitate to call them.

Called SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for a mildew smell in my home. They found visible mold in my drywall and did an amazing job removing the mold. I was extremely satisfied with the amazing job they did. I can comfortably stay in my home knowing they've cleaned it all up.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt to schedule remediation of mold. We had mold on the insulation of pipe and needed someone to remove the mold. The techs were professional and polite I'm extremely satisfied with the work they preformed.

Called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park due to water leak and mild dew smell. They responded right away and explained to me the process. The let me know my walls were badly damaged by the water and therefore they would have to remove the damaged wall and insulation. Once the removed the drywall and insulation they found mold. They were professional at all time and they caring as to explaining all the process to me. I could not have choosen a better company to come out here.

Was very impressed with work they performed. They were professional and always check in with me from start to finish. The did an amazing job with the mold remediation. There job looked very clean and organized. Thank you for you work SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park. 

Had water damage in my home and I called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park. The did an amazing job not only did the dry out my place but when they found mold the did the mold remediation I was relieved I did not have to contact a different company for the mold. Thank you for all your work specially the tech who did the work they were polite and very professional.