What our Customers say...


So many people had talked positively about SERVPRO before and now I get it, because I'm one of them too.

Of all times to have a roof leak, ours started during the worst rainstorm in LA in 10 years.  Water poured in and drenched the whole top floor and drained downed to the lower levels.  We thought our wood floors were lost for sure. We called our insurance and SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park came in and saved our floors using some type of mat drying system.  The surface had to be refinished, but nothing had to be torn out.  These people know what they're doing.

Very happy with SERVPRO.  The workers were very professional and fast.  Best restoration company in Los Angeles for sure.

I really felt compelled to write this review for the folks over at SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park.  Everyone has been amazing to work with. I live in Silverlake and had flooding at my apartment and mold. Everyone there, from Bert, to Caesar who was in charge of the packout, Jessica and Julie inside the office, and Marlon who help bring everything back were amazing and understanding. Kudos to Bert and the crew!  Hopefully won't have to use them again but if i do, I won't hesitate to call them.

I had a bad leak coming from my deck due to it being placed incorrectly when the home was built and it caused water to leak into my neighbors garage. SERVPRO was quick to help me out. They were able to tarp my roof to prevent any more leaks from happening. They demoed the walls and did the mold remediation through out the garage. Once that was completed they put all the walls back and made the garage whole again. I can't thank SERVPRO enough for making such a messy situation so easy to deal with.

Called SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for a mildew smell in my home. They found visible mold in my drywall and did an amazing job removing the mold. I was extremely satisfied with the amazing job they did. I can comfortably stay in my home knowing they've cleaned it all up.

When a pipe in my vanity burst I call SERVPRO of Sliver Lake / Echo Park right away. They told me about their procedures and keep me well informed thought out the process. I was worried my hardwood floors might need to be removed but SERVPRO did what they do best and saved my floor! They even fixed my foundation vents. I am very impressed with the quick and professional response I received from SERVPRO. I couldn't be more satisfied with the work done in my home.

I had some roots clogging the pipes that were outside of my home and I had to call someone to help me resolve this issue. I phones SERVPRO of Silver Lake and Echo Park and they took the job instantly. Their techs show up and began to do there job. They broke through the concrete, pulled up all the roots surrounding, and replaced all the pipes. They also poured new cement over and made it look brand new. SERVPRO was prompt and professional and I would definitely recommend them to others when they are in need of a restoration company.

During the recent rains I had noticed the paint on my wall was started to bulge in a weird way. A few days passed and it got worse. I had no idea how to fix it but one of my friends recommended I call SERVPRO of Silver Lake and Echo Park. They were able to remove the damaged wall dry out the rest and even repaired the wall. They painted everything and took care of my home like it was their own. They were such professional and informative workers. Thank you so much SERVPRO your workers are so caring!

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park Responded very quickly after my neighbors unit had water leak and damaged my home. They were out here very quick and were very polite. They explained everything to me and showed me with the meters what was wet. I was very impressed with how professional they were and how they took time to tell me what had to be done. It calmed me to know they knew what they were doing. I could not have asked for more from them.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt to schedule remediation of mold. We had mold on the insulation of pipe and needed someone to remove the mold. The techs were professional and polite I'm extremely satisfied with the work they preformed.

I called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park because my water heater leaked and the responded in a matter of minutes. They came out and explained the process to me and explained to me they would work directly with my insurance. My insurance put me a hotel because I could not get around in my home and I felt comfortable enough to leave them a key to my home. The techs Marcos and Shane were very professional.

While my boss was away for business his balcony had flooded and leaked into his office soaking a part of the carpet. I didn't know who to call so looked online and found SERVPRO of Silver Lake. I called them and they were on site within the hour. They lifted the carpet and were able to dry it out in a matter of days. My boss was please to come back to a dry office. I can't thank SERVPRO enough for the amazing job!

When my water heater pipe broke I didn't know what to do. My hallway had a huge bubble on the ceiling and the walls were soaked. They save my extensive collection of books from being damaged by the water. They even saved my carpet floor and save me from a lot of grief. I was amazed with the level of great service I received. If I ever need a restoration company to come out again I know exactly who I will be calling. 

I contacted SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park because I manage a commercial Building in Downtown and a pipe broke. I was scared because it was the first time this had happened but once SERVPRO arrived the explained the process to me and I felt better about the process. Although I was stressed about them having to remove materials I understood they had to do it due to the insulation. I was very impressed the did my water restoration and the repairs. I was stressed about having to call another company to do the repairs but I am happy I asked about the repairs. I could not have called out a better company.

Its always rough having water damage in a place of business. A toilet backed up and made a huge mess! SERVPRO came out and made the process so easy. They cleaned and dried everything to get rid of the horrible smell. SERVPRO was extremely professional and understanding through out the entirety of the job. I couldn't have ask for better service!

Called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park due to water leak and mild dew smell. They responded right away and explained to me the process. The let me know my walls were badly damaged by the water and therefore they would have to remove the damaged wall and insulation. Once the removed the drywall and insulation they found mold. They were professional at all time and they caring as to explaining all the process to me. I could not have choosen a better company to come out here.

Working for a store and coming into my shift to find the carpets in the showroom and floors in he storage area soaked with water was hard to deal with. I had to call my bosses to let them know what had happened. Due to the recent rains flooding was a serious issue. My corporate office called out SERVPRO of Silver Lake and Echo Park. They came in right away and ran me through their process and we were able to keep the store open while they did their thing. By the time they were done you couldn't tell there had been any flooding to begin with. I'm grateful for SERVPRO helping us out!

I Manage commercial building in Glendale and called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park because my plumber was fixing the toilet valve and it broke. We had extreme water damage throughout the building. The building had 5 floor affected. I was very stressed but when SERVPRO got here with the crew and equipment I was very pleased with their response. They got to work right away and started to put machines in every floor. The damage was so minimum because of how fast they responded. Cesar was very polite and understanding of how I felt he was always updating me through out the job.

Called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park because I had a leak coming from my ceiling. The quickly came out and set up their equipment to start drying. The explained to me drywall had to be removed and I would need some testing for lead and asbestos. I was scared because I had never had water damage before in my home. They told me not to worry they would walk me through everything and they would explain everything to me. The techs were very professional and polite.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt and professional when they arrived to my home with fire damages. They were polite and explained the process to me in detail. I could not have asked for a better service from them.

Woke up in the morning to see my bathroom was flooded with water. I called SERVPRO of Silver Lake Echo Park. With a new baby I was very afraid because of the noise and the time it would take. The crew chief was very professional he explained everything to me and explained my floor had become damage and it would have to be removed. I was very impressed how fast they came to do the work and how clean they left my home I was afraid there would be dust everywhere and they were very careful. I could not have received better service.

Was very impressed with work they performed. They were professional and always check in with me from start to finish. The did an amazing job with the mold remediation. There job looked very clean and organized. Thank you for you work SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park. 

Had water damage in my home and I called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park. The did an amazing job not only did the dry out my place but when they found mold the did the mold remediation I was relieved I did not have to contact a different company for the mold. Thank you for all your work specially the tech who did the work they were polite and very professional.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was professional, prompt, and polite. I am very impressed with their service. Their techs were quite informative about the work being done. I am thankful to have had such a great company come out and help me out.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park was prompt to come out to my home. My neighbor had a fire and their was soot throughout my home and all over my stuff. They did an amazing job cleaning everything up! I'm so happy they were able to help me out!

SERVPRO was very professional with the job they did we had a hoarding situation in one of our apt. and they did a great job. Our tenant was happy with there work I was very impressed.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt when I called them out to my home due to a fire cause by my tenants dryer. Their response was prompt and the techs were very professional. I was impressed with the outcome of my home. I'm so thankful for the help and understanding towards my situation.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake Echo Park was prompt to response to our grease fire loss we had in our restaurant. I could not have asked for more professional and polite techs. They explained the process in detail and when they left it was "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park was very professional, prompt and polite. I could not have asked for a better service for me as the building manager and my tenants who had water and mold damage in their units.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park was very prompt when my tenant called in my behave to service my building with water damage. They were very professional when dealing with my tenants contents. I made the right choice by calling SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park was very prompt when I called them out to my restaurant due to a sewage back up. They cleaned up my restaurant really good and even had a indoor air quality test and passed the first time. I could not have ask for a better company.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park were professional, prompt, and polite. They helped me through the process of my fire. They dealt directly with the insurance company and explained the whole process to me. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you SERVPRO!

I called SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park due to a fire I had in my home. They were professional and prompt. I could not have asked for a better company. They helped me throughout the process and really helped me.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt when I called early at 5am to get help from them because my yoga studio was flooded. They were professional and I could honestly not have asked for better service.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/ Echo Park was prompt when I called them out to the movie theater I manage. We had a pipe burst in the ceiling and was very impressed in how fast they started to work. I was worried about a big premier we were having and to make it better they had a plan to keep the premier going. I could not have asked for better services.